APT Software School

Oct 07
7. October 2020 9:00 - 9. October 2020 16:45

In this school we will use MATLAB to perform the most common data analysis tasks in atom probe tomography, learn how to streamline these analyses using scripting and how to apply them to many datasets at once. We will also lay a focus on interoperability with other analysis systems (e.g. Python, IVAS, R). This will be supplemented by lectures from external guests that present their approaches to APT data analysis. The lectures will consist of 30 min of theoretical background and 60 min of hands-on training.

Since it will be held online, there is no limitation in the number of participants. We however require you to register ahead of time so we can circulate the course materials and inform you of any further software that may be used.

Please register until the 4th of October 2020 by email to with title, first and last name, institution, and email address.