Scientific X-Mas mood at the Department of Materials Science

The last Christmas week has started. Only a few days left until Christmas Eve, only a few days to get presents and everything else for the holidays. Understandably, the stressed mind needs some diversion from time to time. To this end, we publish a materials science work of art from the Institute of General Materials Properties every few days – and invite you to guess, what it might be.

Before we dive right into the fourth round of our Christmas puzzle, here the solution to last one.

The question:

What is hidden behind this artwork by Nicklas Volz?

The correct answer is: Rising polycrostaline Co-basis superstar over a mono-crystal crib


Today’s picture shows one of the most traditional Christmas symbols: the Christmas tree.

However, this one was not felled in a grove in the Franconian Switzerland, and the decoration is rather unusual as well.

What is really behind this Christmas tree by Manuel Köbrich?

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