Pupils and Teachers

Information for pupils and teachers

Are you a future high school graduate and looking for a suitable course of study?

Or have you already considered the great field of materials science, but would like to know more about the contents and conditions of the programmes?

Are you a teacher of a (specialized) grammar/high school and would like to visit our department with your school class?

On this page you will find information about our orientation events as well as other informative offers for pupils and teachers.

Orientation Day

Interested pupils are invited to participate in our annual Orientation Day. Here, they will have the opportunity to learn about our programmes, visit our chairs, conduct informative discussions with our lecturers and to experience a “real university day” with lectures, lunch at the cafeteria, etc.
In addition, some of our former students report about life after graduation.

The date of the next Orientation Day is in spring 2022.

Info Afternoon

The annual Info Afternoon is open to all interested pupils, who would like to collect general information about our study programmes.

2022 we offer an information afternoon especially for this year’s high school graduates. It will take place on 3.3.2022.

Individual Offers

You are a teacher and would like to visit us with your school class?

You are a sixth former and organise an info event?

Please, contact us! We are happy to arrange a suitable programme for you.