Departmental Student Society

The Departmental Student Society represents all students of the Department of Materials Science at FAU – and is responsible for committees, studies, and parties!

The most important function of the departmental student society is the representation of student interests in relation to professors, university management, and the public.

The society’s tasks include:

  • Assessing and providing feedback on university decisions from students’ perspectives
  • Delegating members to the Students Representative Council
  • Devising constructive proposals for solutions on behalf of students
  • Working cooperatively to address issues of space allocation
  • Organizing the Department of Materials Science Summer Party / Mulled Wine Feast
  • Campus development (appearance, seating, expansion, etc.)
  • Freshmen’s Welcome (freshmen broschures, official introduction)
  • Fair allocation of study subsidies
  • Enhancement of curricula

The departmental student society serves to represent and address student interests and is the primary contact for problems occurring during one’s studies. Representative participation on the Faculty of Engineering’s various boards and committees allows the society to implement its goals.