Materials Science Professors recognized as “Highly Cited Researchers” once more

Prof Brabec (left) and Professor Schmuki

Once more, Prof. Christoph J. Brabec and Prof. Patrik Schmuki have been recognized for their continuous contributions to cutting-edge research in advanced functional materials by the “Highly Cited Researcher” (HCR) list from Thompson Reuters in 2019.

The Highly Cited Researchers List lists the world’s most influential researchers from 21 scientific disciplines.

The department of Materials Science at FAU has been ranked continuously in that list consecutively for several years.

HCR has been recognizing the world’s most influential researchers of the past decade, demonstrated by the scientific and technological achievements and their ability to publish their key findings in highly-cited papers. Only the top 1% cited researchers in their respective discipline are listed in this ranking. The fact that the material sciences of the FAU, being the smallest department of the School of Engineering, are represented in the HCR list for many consecutive years underlines the innovation and research power of the material sciences.

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