Executive Board

Executive Board of the Department of Materials Science since October 1st 2017


Spokesman Prof. Dr. A. R. Boccaccini
Deputy Spokesman Prof. Dr. M. Zaiser
Members: Prof. Dr. M. Göken
Prof. Dr. C. Körner
Prof. Dr. P. Greil
Prof. Dr. P. Schmuki
Prof. Dr. D. Schubert
Prof. Dr. C. Brabec
Prof. Dr. A. Boccacini
Prof. Dr. M. Zaiser
Prof. Dr. E. Spiecker
Representative of W2/C3 Professors Prof. Dr. P. Wellmann
Scientific Staff Representative Dr. H.W. Höppel
Women’s Officer M. Sc. Corinna Böhm and Dr. S. Rechberger

Stand 02.11.2015

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