Digital WW summer celebration 2021

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WW Sommerfest 2019

This year’s WW Summer Festival will take place on July 8 2021 at 3 p.m., depending on the circumstances in digital form – but not only in this regard in a new outfit.

As usual, we will be awarding our study prizes during this summer festival, sponsored by Brose and Semikron.

However, instead of the celebratory lecture there will be a SCIENCE SLAM this year, in which representatives from all nine chairs of the department take part.

The slamming representatives of the institutes are:

WW1 Andreas Kirchmeyer
WW2 Zerong Yang
WW3 Eduardo Montoya González
WW4 Mark Bruns
WW5 Robin Halamicek
WW6 Julian Haffner-Schirmer und Vanessa Arango
WW7 Dr. Liliana Liverani
WW8 Prof. Michael Zaiser
WW9 Dr. Minjian Wu

The subject of the contribution is up to the individual slammer, but it should come from the department of the respective chair. The type of presentation is also up to everyone.

At the end of the slam, the audience can choose the best of the nine entries.

We are very much looking for to a wonderful and entertaining summer celebration 2021!

More information shortly.