Review of the digital WW summer fest 2021

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Andreas Kirchmayer, proud winner of the first WW Science Slam

On July 8th, 2021 the annual WW Summer Festival took place for the eleventh time after it had to be canceled last year due to Corona.

This year, too, not everything was as usual. Instead, we had to move the party to virtual space. That was a shame, but we made the best of it.

In front of a total of almost 200 spectators, department chair Prof. Dr. Michael Zaiser reviewed the past two years, but also dared to look into a hopefully rosy and corona-free future:

“I think it will be an interesting task to take the lessons we have made with digital teaching with us into the future and to find formats that combine the advantages of digital teaching with the extremely important component of direct contact.”

Also this year we were able to award six Semikron study prizes, 2 Brose study prizes and – for the first time this year – four study prizes from the Department of Materials Science and Engineering to outstanding students.

Semikron representatives Mr. Clemens Vennebusch and Ms Anja Oberndörfer congratulated the award winners Alexandre Nozadze (MWT), Achim Dürschner (NT), Tim Stötzel (MWT), Clemens Hegels (MWT), Bianca Grandjean (MWT) and Robert Kammel (NT) , the best 4th semester bachelor students. The Semikron study prizes are endowed with 500 euros each.

A poem by Erich Kästner preluded the award of the Brose study prizes: 1,500 euros each, which are intended for a planned study abroad. Prof. Dr. Peter Weidinger congratulated the award winners Clara Höll and Simon Arnold.

Subsequently, the department prizes were awarded for the first time by the department spokesman Prof. Zaiser.

There was one prize each for the best bachelor’s degree, one for the best master’s degree and two for outstanding doctorates.

Johannes Voss won the award for his bachelor thesis. The prize for the best master’s thesis went to the student Jakob Bandorf. Last but not least, Dr. Katharina Schuhladen and Dr. Franz Lanyi each received an award for their excellent doctorates. All of the department’s study prizes are endowed with 500 euros.

All award winners took the opportunity to thank the donors for the prizes.

Also again from our side: Congratulations on your great achievements!

After the award ceremony, Prof. Zaiser gave the floor to Dr. Joachim Kaschta, who very skillfully acted as the show master and led through the subsequent Science Slam.

Nine participants from eight chairs demonstrated their skills on the scientific show stage:

  • Andreas Kirchmayer: “Jenseits von Raumtemperatur – Von saukalt bis übelst heiß”
  • Zerong Yang: “Bulk metallic glass”
  • Eduardo Montoya González: “How can we create and better understand tougher glass?”
  • Mark Bruns: “Rost im Visier”
  • Robin Halamicek: “Coronapandemie – Die Zeit der Spinner ist gekommen”
  • Julian Haffner-Schirmer und Vanessa Arango: “Let’s ‘drain’ our sun”
  • Liliana Liverani: “Fibers and Life”
  • Minjian Wu: “A journey into nano-photography”

In the end, the audience was able to choose the best slammer of the WW Summer Fest 2021:

Andreas Kirchmayer got the most votes and thus was awarded the trophy for the best slammer, that enables the winner – if one is to believe Dr. Kaschta – “to switch infinitely often (least verbally) between the different material classes.”

Congratulations, Andreas!

All in all it was a nice summer fest. Nonetheless, we are, of course, already looking forward to next year, when we can hopefully celebrate together again.