Year of Glass

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On the occasion of the Year of Glass, an open house will be held on July 1, 2022, a joint event of the Max Planck Institute for the Physics of Light and the Institute of Glass and Ceramics (WW3) at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

Program at the Institute WW3

17:30 – The Memory of Glass.
Prof. Dr. Dominique de Ligny / Institute of Glass and Ceramics FAU / H14 Martensstraße 5

18:00 – Engraving and welding glass: the laser as a precise chisel and welder for glass.
Dr. Kristian Cvecek / Institute of Photonic Technologies FAU / H14 Martensstraße 5

18:30 – High strength Glass.
Prof. Dr. Sven Wiltzsch / TH-Nürnberg FAU / H14 Martensstraße 5

19:00 – Glass in the Body: from bone implants to wound healing.
Dr. Judith A. Roether / Institutes Polymer Materials and Biomaterials FAU / H14 Martensstraße 5

15 – 21 – Exhibition
Form Color Function
Current research on glass Glass Institutes of FAU FAU / WW3 Halle

The event is open to all everyone interested in glass.