Time travelling with Materials Science …

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Zeitreisen sind bei uns auch ohne die Tardis möglich.
On May 21, 2022, it’s finally that time again: The Long Night of the Sciences is back.

This year, the Department Materials Science and Engineering will take you on a time travel through materials science – and you won’t need a DeLorean or a Tardis to do it.

➡ Join us to find out how the sinking of the Titanic could have happened.

➡ Follow us on a journey through time in microscopy: from the mammoth to nanostructured film.

➡ Have fun with us at the fair of possibilities: Test your strength at the Hau-den-Lukas and taste the similarities between sweets and glass.

➡ Dive into the age of plastics: experience the beginnings and find out about developments for the sustainable use of plastics.

➡ Experience first-hand the traditional working of metals at the forge anvil, or cast your line to fish for precious metals.

Look forward to all of this and many more exciting things on your journey through materials in time!

… and don’t be surprised if it feels to you like time flies when you’re with us – it’s just “wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey” (says Doctor Who), and especially when you’re having fun.