Review: WW Summer Fest 2023

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Sommerfest 2023

On Thursday, July 13, 2023, the summer party of the Department of Materials Science took place in beautiful summer weather.

Department spokesman Prof. Dr. Erdmann Spiecker gave the introductory greetings and gave both an overview of the highlights of the past year in the department as well as an outlook on future developments in the field of study programs.

The first keynote lecture of the day was also the inaugural lecture of the newest academic addition to the Department, Prof. Dr. Philipp Pelz. He gave an insight into his research area Computational Microscopy in his lecture “Advancing Atomic Scale Materials Characterization with Advanced Algorithms and Fast Detectors”.

Invited speaker Dr. Ian Marius Peters from the Helmholtz Institute Erlangen-Nuremberg for Renewable Energies (HI ERN) then gave a very informative and entertaining talk on sustainable photovoltaics and recycling, highlighting many aspects of this type of energy generation, its development and its advantages and disadvantages.

Following the presentations, this year’s student awards were presented.

Sophie Dreyer from the bachelor’s program MWT as well as Berit Krause, Ali Elkholey, Niklas Kardatzki, Peter Szalay and Carlos Hansen from the bachelor’s program NT received this year’s Semikron study prize, which was awarded representatively by Ms. Oberndörfer as well as Clemens Vennebusch, also a graduate of the MWT program at FAU.

With a culturally and historically entertaining presentation, Prof. Dr. Peter Weidinger awarded the Brose Prizes to Kai Ehrhardt and Bianca Grandjean for their excellent achievements in their master’s studies. The prize money is earmarked for a planned stay abroad.

Finally, Prof. Spiecker presented the departmental awards. The prize for the best bachelor’s degree went to former Semikron award winner and NT student Robert Kammel. Maret Ickler from the NT program and Johannes Seltsam and Timo Bergerfrom the MWT program each received a Master’s degree award. Dr. Sarah Trockel and Dr. Marcus Himmler were awarded for the best doctorates.

Following the award ceremony, the WW summer party took place in the shade between the trees next to the mechanics workshop with live music, drinks and delicious food for meat lovers and vegetarians.

Impressions of our summer fest 2023