Info Afternoon

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Interdisciplinary Studying Between Science and Technology:
Materials are indispensable to daily life and the basis for many ground-breaking inventions. We provide information about the study programmes „Materials Science“ and „Nanotechnology“ and insights into up-to-date research topics by means of lectures, demonstrations, posters, and experiments. Professors, students, and staff will gladly answer questions.


  • Head of the Student Service Centre, Dr. Alexandra Haase, informs about „Studying, job profice, and career opportunities“
  • Lecture „From Art to Piston: Development of new high-performance piston alloys“
  • Lecture „Diamonds as high-performance materials“
  • Insights into the chairs’ research focusses by means of experiments, posters, and videos
  • The students can get in touch with the lecturers, students and study advisors and ask questions
  • Refreshments are provided


Email us or call on 09131/85-20954.