“How does glass help us to generate energy?”

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As part of the FAU lecture series WISSENWOLLEN, Prof. Dr. de Ligny from the Chair of Glass and Ceramics will speak on Wednesday, Feb. 9, 2022, starting at 6:30 p.m. on the question:

“How does glass help us to generate energy?”

Glass a little visible but very present player in energy generation.

Perhaps because glass is transparent, we do not notice that this material is present everywhere in our lives. Perhaps because it has been manufactured since the Phoenicians, we do not believe it can be associated with technological progress.

And yet glass will help us meet the great challenges of the future, especially in the important area of CO2-free energy production. From photovoltaic cells to combustion cells, from wind power to nuclear power, glass is solving critical problems.

This ubiquity is due to glass’s infinite chemical variability and ease of molding due to its liquid state. Let’s take advantage of the International Year of Glass to discover its thousand facets.

The event is open to anyone who wants to “know more” about the subject. Prior registration is not necessary.

Zoom-Link zur Veranstaltung: https://bit.ly/3Gi9FKw